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Sourcing & Sustainability

NAAC has developed new methods to achieve higher prices for coconut farmers as well as achieving the best values for our customers. We implement organic farming certificates. Our goal to increase farmer income by use of intercropping a number of different plant inputs.

Modeling & Feasibility Analysis

No job is complete until the paperwork is finished. We begin with our advanced feasibility & modeling techniques to create the right plan for the right project. During the design process, this evolving model gets continually updated to match the customer’s requirements.


We are experts in natural and organic product formulation including beverages with added functional ingredients, fermentation and plant based protein. Price and/or quality based formulations positioned to specialty and mass markets.


Our reach extends globally in search of the correct manufacturer for your product. We specialize in aseptic PET, Tetra and similar structures. Our team is most adept at managing the sourcing, logistics, pilot testing, analysis and production of your desired product.


Our senior strength lies within the process and technical improvement of coconut facilities worldwide. With the increased mandate for high-value finished goods, there is huge need to fix older facilities and bring in new equipment and processes that can meet this elevated demand.

Plant Management

From an executive level, Nu Agri Asia Corporation has secured the top industry leaders in the coconut industry. From that perspective, our ability to lead both the vision and execution of our customer’s requirement is unparalleled.

New Plant Layout & Design

With more than 30 years of combined experience designing integrated coconut facilities, NAAC is uniquely capable of designing the most efficient and effective plant that will serve your needs - from initial design and financial model to final engineered drawings.

Marketing & Off-take Sales

Extensive networking and industry experience provides Nu Agri Asia Corporation team with worldwide sales demand. We match our network of customers with the correct plant & equipment design to create world-class opportunities.

About Us

A Consulting firm dedicated to the premiumization of coconut products, natural and organic fruit beverages, dairy and snack items.

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