About SeiluFreezer

SEILUFREEZER has accumulated more than 30 years' worth of experience and technology in cryogenic devices and continued customer-centered processes.

SEILUFREEZER has special and unique techniques like cooling coils & one-cycle refrigerant compressors that increase heat transfer efficiency and decreases energy consumption. ONLY SEILUFREEZER possess these techniques to make ultra-low temperature freezing systems.

How SeiluFreezer Works

The core of food distribution is a cryogenic storage! SeilUfreezer’s products are different.

We have the capability to manufacture various products, from a very-low temperature refrigeration storage to store tuna, expensive fish and other

food to an environmental chamber that can accurately mimic the high temperatures of Dubai and extreme temperatures in the North and South Pole.

About Us

A Consulting firm dedicated to the premiumization of coconut products, natural and organic fruit beverages, dairy and snack items.

Our Contacts

ESA Bldg. 27 Calle Industria,
Bagumbayan, Quezon City,
Philippines 1110

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